Magneat cable management system increases your safety while on the move | onanoff

November 22, 2012 2 min read

HONG KONG-November 20th, 2012-Nordic design company onanoff releases reflective stickers for award winning product Magneat. The reflective sticker serves as a free addition to Magneat - a simple, magnetically attached accessory ideal for users who exercise outdoors, go to the gym or want to enjoy listening on the move without frustrating tangles and knots in their cables.

The reflective sticker can be applied on to the front of the Magneat, enabling it to reflect light in dark environments. The reflective sticker is a great free addition to the Magneat, improving users' safety while using the Magneat in an outdoor environment.

 "Coming from a Nordic country, we don't get a lot of sun during autumn and winter so naturally when people go out exercising it's pretty dark. This can create a lot of dangerous situations for runners and pedestrians alike with cars driving close to sidewalks and slippery roads which makes reflective clothing very important to a pedestrians safety,'' said CEO Petur Olafsson. ''Which sparked the idea, could we somehow combine Magneat and user safety?" 

What they came up with was a reflective sticker that could be applied to the front of the Magneat.

But Olafsson, an avid runner, doesn't think having this safety feature is limited to Nordic countries. 

 "In modern working environments people usually work late hours which gives them little to no time to exercise, unless of course it's during early mornings or late evenings when it's dark, '' said Olafsson.

 "With so many of our customers around the world using Magneat for outdoor activities it only seemed logical to somehow cater to our customers safety and needs so we thought a reflective sticker would be a great free add-on to the Magneat.''

 Olafsson said that they had considered creating stand alone Magneats that would reflect in light but eventually opted for reflective stickers to give all their future users the chance to apply the sticker to their own convenience and safety.

 With the the new Magneat's reflective sticker also comes a completely re-designed Magneat packaging which is thinner and lighter.

 Magneat retails for $9.95 and can be purchased at

For full resolution promotional pictures of the Magneat, please visit the below link.