Upcoming Product Launches

by Petur Olafsson May 03, 2013

onanoff has a lot of exciting products coming out soon. Next week we will finally release the highly anticipated Dock Minimal, a universal tablet Stand / Dock that will work with almost all tablets on the market. The Dock Minimal has been getting a lot of positive early buzz, here is a recent review for the Dock Minimal: 


Here is an explanation video for the Dock Minimal.

Next product to be released after the Dock Minimal will be the UltraSleeve, a highly functional clamshell case for Ultrabooks. It will have some really exciting new features never before seen in laptop cases. 

Pictures and Product features coming soon!

And finally one of our most popular item to date are the Leather Skins for MacBook Air, but this time we've upgraded the Leather Skin for MacBook Pro 15 and 13 inch respectively. These Leather Skins will bring true life to your MacBook Pro, the Leather Skins will be released in late May. A short video showing off the Skins can be viewed below. 

Petur Olafsson
Petur Olafsson