March 09, 2018 2 min read

As a mom, we are constantly judged by how our kids use electronics. When should they have a phone, how long can they play on tablets, what are they allowed to use them for- these are real questions that moms struggle with daily. To be honest, moms are well aware of the potential harm from using smart devices, but the reality is they aren't going away and not all use is bad. For instance, kids will want to play video games, but they also use tablets for learning. Instead of unrealistically thinking we can ban kids from using devices, we can accept this fact of life and try to make using them as safe as possible. That's why we created our kid-safe volume-limiting BuddyPhones.

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The first question I usually get about BuddyPhones is, "what makes them so different?"  I tend to answer "because they're made by moms, for moms!"  Don't get me wrong, they aren't literally made by moms, although we have a lot of moms on our team. I truly feel that having moms in the house is what helps make BuddyPhones so special. As a mom, we are invested in the benefits headphones have for our kids and we have first-hand experience of what kids need. I hate to buy cheap crappy plastic toys that will break, and I know how rough my kids are with their things! I see kids chew on things, lick things when they are not supposed to and treat their things like they're invincible. We built our BuddyPhones with this in mind- our products are made of kid-safe materials designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear.

I am not the BuddyPhones product designer, but we all work collectively on new products based on the needs of parents and young children. Of course, we have to make money along the way, but that's never the driving force behind our product lines. Most of our time is spent perfecting the product so that it is equal if not superior to an adult product. Adults get high quality headphones, why should kids suffer with crappy sound? Young people are our future generation, and until they can protect themselves, we are here to make right choices for them. Our world is full of food that is not real, toys that are toxic and apps that are mind altering, but it's our responsibility to minimise the damage that these things pose to us.  

As a mom, I have to pick and choose what is best for our kids, and along the way, it rubs off at work too. I even think about what we should do with old headphones and plastic parts.  What can be done to improve our environment? Until we can find a better way, we will keep inventing, improving, and protecting our kids.  

Shout-out to all the great moms out there!