BuddyPhones DISCOVER

  • BuddyPhones Discover comes with the BuddyCable system, a built-in audio splitter that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing with your best buddies. For those that have more than one child at home and they have trouble sharing it’s an excellent solution, allowing up to four kids to share one device, squabble-free.


    • BuddyPhones Discover Headphones
    • BuddyCable audio sharing cord (nondetachable)
    • Colorful Customizing Stickers
    • DIY Customizing Stickers
    • Driver unit: 30mm Neodyminum
    • Impedance: 32oHM
    • Sensitivity: 85 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz
    • Frequency range: 20-20kHz
    • Cord: 0.8m (Kids Size)
    • Plug: Gold Pated 3.5mm
    • Weight: 109g.
    • Dimension: 170x150mm