Universal Dock for Tablets

The Dock Minimal is a versatile, universal tablet stand and dock that fits a wide range of tablets from leading brands such as iPads, Kindle, Samsung and Nexus tablets and e-book readers. Thecolorful tablet dock/stand has more than 20 different viewing angles. It allows you to simply swap in the connector that fits your device and charge it using your normal charging/sync cable. This little multifunctional accessory is a perfect fit for your gadgets and lifestyle.

Available in four colors—Arctic White, Black Onyx, Lava Red and Glacial Blue—Dock Minimal will let you put your device and personal style on display at home or in the office.

Adapts to your needs

Over 20 different viewing angles, allow users to utilize their tablets in new, convenient ways, adapting easily to different tasks. The kickstand and stylus make it a great companion in the kitchen, as you can easily look at recipes and won't have to get your tablet dirty with sticky fingers. Positioning your tablet flat down on the dock gives a great position for typing emails. The possibilities for how to use your tablet with the Dock Minimal are endless, and it provides power and syncing capabilities at the same time.This clever little accessory mergescreativity and practicality in its design, offering simple ways to enhance and improve so you can get the best use out of your tablet.

  • Adjustable Kickstand

    Adjust your tablet to a comfortable viewing and typing angle by setting the kickstand into six different slots

  • For all tablets

    Using slide method you can change the side fittings that hold your tablet, so it will always fit perfectly, with or without you backcover

  • Integrate Your Cable

    Dock Minimal allows you to integrate your charging/sync cable into the Dock Minimal so it becomes part of the stand.

  • Comes with Built in Stylus

    Kickstand has a built-in, high sensitive touch screen stylus

  • Adjustable Kickstand

    Adjust your tablet to a comfortable viewing and typing angle by setting the kickstand into six different slots

Endless possibilities

With over 20 different viewing angles, the Dock Minimal offers users new ways to utilize their tablets. Cooking in the kitchen? Prop the tablet up with Dock Minimal’s kickstand and use the stylus pen to save the tablet from getting dirty. Typing emails? Put the Dock Minimal flat down and position the tablet on the dock for an optimal typing position. The new stand and dock offers endless possibilities for tablet users while providing power and syncing capabilities simultaneously.

Great for kids

The Dock Minimal gives kids a firm and safe working platform to learn and investigate the magical world of modern tablets. Parents will be relieved not having to put up with sticky fingers on the screen as kids can use the stylus to navigate and draw on the tablet.

A Truly Universal Stand

As you can adjust the side fittings and link almost any charging/sync cable into the Dock Minimal, it gives you opportunity to use it with almost any tablet, even if its name is Kobo!

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