Synthetic Leather Skins 

The MacBook® Skins from onanoff™ protect and preserve all surfaces of your laptop, keeping them scratch-free, while adding a touch of luxury and style. The eco-friendly skins are made from synthetic leather that provides a firm and soft hold on the slippery MacBook aluminum body, making it feel snug and secure in your hands. The Skin includes a palm guard, bottom skin and top skin with cut-out for the apple logo, and has a strong adhesive that sticks well, but is easy to remove and leaves no residue. The MacBook Skins are available in a myriad of colors, and offer an easy way to smarten-up your laptop and add color and flair, without bulking or covering up the Apple design. 

Firm and Soft Grip

The onanoff™ leather MacBook Skins protect and preserves all surface around your Macbook with top, middle and bottom patches, and the Middle Skin patch offers a comfortable support for your wrist while typing. Synthetic leather gives you firm and soft grip on the slippery Macbook aluminum body, so it feels secure in your hands.

  • Top Skin

    Adhesive synthetic leather skin with cut out for the Apple logo. 

  • Dose of Color

    Add a splash of color to your MacBook with an eco-friendly, synthetic leather skin. 

  • Bottom Skin

    If you want to change, the skin is easy to peel of and leaves no residue. 

  • Wrist Rest Cushioning

    Synthetic leather cushioning gives you comfortable and soft wrist rest while working on your laptop.

  • Top Skin

    Adhesive synthetic leather skin with cut out for the Apple logo. 

Easy fitting

The Macbook Skins from onanoff are easy to apply. Watch the youtube video and see how it's done. If you slip up while applying your skin, don't worry, simply pull it up again and have another go until you're happy. After ten minutes the adhesive will become stronger and firmer. 

Why get a MacBook Skin?

Highly durable


Easy to fit

Leaves no residue when removed 

Great look and protection

Gives you a firm grip on your Macbook

Protects it from scratches

Makes your MacBook standout

Adds a dose of color and style

Skin for Macbook