• ONANOFF’s award-winning Fokus headphones offer the best of both audio worlds at the click of a button- choose a full bass sound when listening to music or use FokusMode to enhance spoken audio content instead.


  • StudyPhones feature an equalization feature called FokusMode that emphasizes spoken audio content by making vocals crisper and clearer. Using specific tuning and optimization of the frequency curve, StudyMode effectively removes distracting sounds and enhances vocal ranges. This listening setting makes StudyPhones ideal for listeners who are concentrating for a prolonged period of time, learning a new language, listening to podcasts, making phone calls and more..

    1) FokusMode: optimize spoken audio content by enhancing vocals and speech. 
    2) Music Mode: enjoy a premium audio experience for listening to music with dynamic bass.

    • FokusMode Built-in premium microphone
    • Passive noise cancellation
    • Call & Track Control
    • Removable, washable ear cushions
    • Adjustable headband