Magneat - Vibrant Red

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Magneat™ is a simple, stylish way to win the seemingly endless war against headphone cables that tangle and dangle. Just attach the magnetic clip to your clothes and then wrap the excess wire around the spool. It's the perfect accessory for iPods, iPads, iPhones and MP3 players.

Using the Magneat is easy, and it works with almost any set of buds. Slide the two magnetic parts apart, put one side under your shirt and the other side over the top, and move until they connect. Wind the loose cable around the clip, and you're ready for a run at the gym or just running around town.

If you need to turn off the tunes and use your ears for something other than music, pull out your ear buds and let them hang free from the Magneat.

Choose from a variety of solid colors and graphic designs that let you stand out from the crowd.


o  Eliminates tangled earbud/headphone cables

o  A variety of colors and designs to suite any style

o  Easy to use

o  Magnets are fun

o  Helps ease headphone weight while jogging/running