Multi-Shield for iPad2 l iPad3 l iPad 4


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Patented Multi-Shield technology which has three layers of protection

The Multi-Shield is unlike any screen protector you've used before. Featuring three layers of protection, with the Multi-Shield you can just peel off a layer when the top one gets scratched to have a perfectly clear and scratch-free screen protector again. Each layer is rated for 8-10 months of use, so with the Multi-Shield you'll have up to 2 1/2 years of protection that fits average lifetime of an smartphone.

-3H hardness rating protects against scratches and dirt while improving visibility

-Easy application technology ensures a perfect fitting

Made for iPad 2 | iPad 3 | iPad 4

Designed specifically for the iPad, this screen protector is precision cut to ensure perfect alignment. It features cut-outs for the home button and front camera, so you won't lose any functionality by using the Multi-Shield.