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May 04, 2016

We’re delighted to announce that not only have our new BuddyPhones InFlight been presented with the renowned A' Design Award, but our BuddyPhones Standard have also been granted the coveted Bronze A’Design Award in Baby, Kids' and Children's Products category — given to the top 10% that exhibit excellence in design. A' Design Award and Competition is the worlds' largest design competition awarding only the very best designs, concepts, products and services. The A' Design Award is not just an award, it is the indicator of quality and perfection in design, and is recognized worldwide. The awards aim to highlight the best children’s product designs and concepts worldwide, creating global awareness for good design. As you know, our BuddyPhones are about... Continue Reading →

New In-Flight BuddyPhones

March 18, 2016

Our popular BuddyPhones have gotten an upgrade! We’ve just rolled out a new edition to add to our BuddyPhones family - so get ready for fun travels with In-Flight BuddyPhones. You can pre-order the In-Flight BuddyPhones now until 1 April 2016 and get free shipping on your order.    As the name indicates, the In-Flight BuddyPhones are designed specially for airborne little travelers, to enjoy their trip, share with buddies, and buy mom and dad (as well as the newlyweds back in row 52C) a little peace and quiet. Traveling with kids is seldom hassle free, and it served as a motivation to create durable headphones that will withstand being crammed into backpacks in chaotic situations, and allow parents the flexibility... Continue Reading →


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