February 08, 2015

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Sound Cover Perfect Travel Cover for Your iPad Air

onanoff, the experts in functional smart gadgets have brought to life everything you imagined you could have for your iPad. Introducing the onanoff Sound Cover, the only iPad Cover you’ll ever need. Designed with the need for freedom in mind, Sound Cover 2.0 is a smart cover that features built-in flat stereo speakers, offering powerful and high quality audio, and can increase your iPad’s volume by up to 400%. With a battery life that lasts 15 hours and a sophisticated built-in microphone, it is ideal for Facetime, conference calls and straight up conversation. This intelligently design iPad cover maximizes the use of your iPad for those on the go!




Sound Cover is a unique iPad Air smart cover with built-in flat stereo speakers that offers powerful and high quality sound and can boost the iPad's volume by up to 400%.

Its ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it perfect for any tablet user. It protects the iPad on your travels, making it a truly rocking companion. Once opened it syncs automatically with your iPad and you’re ready to experience impressive sound with your favorite device. Currently, it is available for the iPad Air while more tablets will be included to the development in the future.


May 27, 2013

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onanoff - May Sweepstakes

onanoff is holding a sweestakes until 10th of June. For those interested please check out our Facebook page to enter our sweepstakes for some cool prizes!


Upcoming Product Launches

onanoff has a lot of exciting products coming out soon. Next week we will finally release the highly anticipated Dock Minimal, a universal tablet Stand / Dock that will work with almost all tablets on the market. The Dock Minimal has been getting a lot of positive early buzz, here is a recent review for the Dock Minimal:

Here is an explanation video for the Dock Minimal.

Next product to be released after the Dock Minimal will be the UltraSleeve, a highly functional clamshell case for Ultrabooks. It will have some really exciting new features never before seen in laptop cases. 

Pictures and Product features coming soon!

And finally one of our most popular item to date are the Leather Skins for MacBook Air, but this time we've upgraded the Leather Skin for MacBook Pro 15 and 13 inch respectively. These Leather Skins will bring true life to your MacBook Pro, the Leather Skins will be released in late May. A short video showing off the Skins can be viewed below. 

January 10, 2013

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Onanoff to introduce the Dock Minimal at CES 2013


First Universal Tablet Stand/Dock to be Showcased at CES

Onanoff will feature new Dock Minimal at 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

It is a privilege to share the floor with these titans of industry here at CES.

Hong Kong January 08, 2013                                                                                                                                              

Design and technology brand onanoff will be attending the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV to show off their latest product, the universal Dock Minimal for tablets.

What makes the Dock Minimal stand out from all other tablet stands and docks is that it works with a wide range of today's latest tablets from leading brands. The dock curre

ntly supports iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, Samsung and Nexus tablets/eBook readers, but the team at onanoff is continuously testing and adding compatibility for even more models.

Olafsson invented the Dock Minimal because he understands the frustration of buying all new accessories after upgrading to a new model or different brand and he wanted to create a dock/stand that evolved with the latest technology.

"I'm excited to showcase the new Dock Minimal," says Petur Olafsson, creator of the Dock Minimal and founder of onanoff. "It is a privilege to share the floor with these titans of industry here at CES."

If you would like to set up an interview at CES with onanoff, please contact Petur Olafsson at +17024968512 or stop by onanoff's booth to see the Dock Minimal in action in Hall LVH; Booth number 55016 + 55018.

Onanoff is also currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the new Dock Minimal for tablets. Once the Dock Minimal has reached its $25,000 funding goal, Olafsson and his team will move the new product to production. To learn more about the Dock Minimal or to place an order, visit and support onanoff's latest project.

About onanoff

Onanoff is a brand of the design and technology company, Nordic Enterprises Ltd., based in Hong Kong. The brand name is a take on the simplest, most essential feature of all electronics: the on and off button. Drawing inspiration from diverse backgrounds and experiences, the creative team focuses on designs that are both distinctive and practical while striving to make products that are simple and essential to daily life. To find out more information on the company, visit, Follow them on Twitter @onanoff and Like them on Facebook at

January 03, 2013

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December 26, 2012

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Onanoff's the Dock Minimal goes to crowdfunding site Indiegogo.


Hong Kong - Onanoff,

Onanoff recently launched its newest product, the Dock Minimal, on Indiegogo to raise funds that will help bring the new tablet dock/stand to the market in time to use with new Christmas presents.

The Dock Minimal is a versatile, universal tablet stand and dock that fits the new iPad Mini, iPad, Kindle, Samsung and Nexus tablets/e-book readers. Not only does the Dock Minimal work with most tablets, it is stylish and also less expensive than other tablet docks/stands on the market at $25 and $29 for the Early Bird Specials. Currently, onanoff is testing compatibility with even more tablets and will add to the compatibility list once they raise $25,000 in funding and move the new product to production.


With over 20 different viewing angles, the Dock Minimal offers users new ways to use their tablets. Cooking in the kitchen? Prop the tablet up with Dock Minimal's kickstand and use the stylus pen to avoid getting the tablet dirty. Typing emails? Lie the Dock Minimal down and position the tablet on the dock for an optimal typing position. The new stand and dock offers unlimited possibilities for tablet use while providing power at the same time.

"We know how annoying it is to buy all new accessories when you upgrade to a new model or different brand," says Petur Olafsson, founder of onanoff. "So we wanted to create a dock and stand that evolved with the latest technology and could fit everyone's new holiday tablets."


Each Dock Minimal comes with one main dock, one kickstand, one touch-screen stylus pen that fits inside the kickstand, three side fittings and four connector fittings which enable the stand to fit any tablet.

Onanoff's Indiegogo campaign for the Dock Minimal will run through January 31 at 11:59 PM EST and offers many different perks to those who support the project and help the company reach its goal. For a limited time, the Dock Minimal is available at a discounted rate in all four colors; Glacial Blue, Lava Red, Arctic White, Black Onyx.


To learn more about the Dock Minimal, visit the project's Indiegogo campaign site at and help bring the Dock Minimal to life. To stay up to date on the campaign and learn about new, exciting perks for backing the project, follow onanoff on Twitter @onanoff and Like them on Facebook at


November 22, 2012

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Magneat cable management system increases your safety while on the move | onanoff

HONG KONG-November 20th, 2012-Nordic design company onanoff releases reflective stickers for award winning product Magneat. The reflective sticker serves as a free addition to Magneat - a simple, magnetically attached accessory ideal for users who exercise outdoors, go to the gym or want to enjoy listening on the move without frustrating tangles and knots in their cables.

The reflective sticker can be applied on to the front of the Magneat, enabling it to reflect light in dark environments. The reflective sticker is a great free addition to the Magneat, improving users' safety while using the Magneat in an outdoor environment.

 "Coming from a Nordic country, we don't get a lot of sun during autumn and winter so naturally when people go out exercising it's pretty dark. This can create a lot of dangerous situations for runners and pedestrians alike with cars driving close to sidewalks and slippery roads which makes reflective clothing very important to a pedestrians safety,'' said CEO Petur Olafsson. ''Which sparked the idea, could we somehow combine Magneat and user safety?" 

What they came up with was a reflective sticker that could be applied to the front of the Magneat.

But Olafsson, an avid runner, doesn't think having this safety feature is limited to Nordic countries. 

 "In modern working environments people usually work late hours which gives them little to no time to exercise, unless of course it's during early mornings or late evenings when it's dark, '' said Olafsson.

 "With so many of our customers around the world using Magneat for outdoor activities it only seemed logical to somehow cater to our customers safety and needs so we thought a reflective sticker would be a great free add-on to the Magneat.''

 Olafsson said that they had considered creating stand alone Magneats that would reflect in light but eventually opted for reflective stickers to give all their future users the chance to apply the sticker to their own convenience and safety.

 With the the new Magneat's reflective sticker also comes a completely re-designed Magneat packaging which is thinner and lighter.

 Magneat retails for $9.95 and can be purchased at

For full resolution promotional pictures of the Magneat, please visit the below link.

September 12, 2012

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New Official onanoff Distributor-Avnet Technology Solution

onanoff is very proud to welcome Avnet Technology Solution as one of its newest distributors. Avnet Technology Solution covers distribution in Australia and New Zealand and will now represent the full line of onanoff products.

Avnet Technology Solution

Level 3, 67 Epping Road
North Ryde, NSW 2113

Phone: 1300 36 25 25
Fax: 02 8875 0596

June 20, 2012

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onanoff Presents New Webpage and Webstore

Dear Friends

onanoff is proud to launch a new web-page and web-store for our products. Here is one place you can seek all the information you need about all the innovative items in the onanoff range, place to tell us what you think or ask us any questions you have on your mind. We have had amazing year and half since we launched onanoff, it has been ride of excitement and new learnings through the challenges on the road. We could not have got so far without all the support from friends, family and our fantastic customers, we are looking forward to carry on bringing you innovation and cool lifestyle accessories. Stay tuned in August as we will be launching very cool new product lines. 

thanks again! :)


Petur O

ps. Please remember to ‘friend’ us on Facebook, see link below!