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Toughen Up: The Case for Robust Kids’ Products

January 16, 2016

By Kate Farr Anyone with young kids will tell you that the little darlings’ developing motor skills coupled with a tendency to play rough can add up to endless trips to the bin with what were once much-loved toys. By that logic, it may seem sensible to opt for cheaper products since you’ll most likely have to buy a replacement every few months anyway. But this can often be a false economy – financially, in terms of safety and for the environment. Take product safety, for example. Fragile electronics are extremely dangerous for children who may not appreciate the potential hazards of frayed or exposed wires, loose screws or sharp edges. Toddlers, in particular, have a disconcerting habit of putting everything... Continue Reading →

Keep the noise down!

December 16, 2015

As adults, we have a tendency to amp up the volume when listening to music in a busy space – whether it’s to drown out the constant sound of renovations from the neighbours upstairs, the thunderous vibrations of the subway, or simply just getting into the groove when listening to your favourite song (cue the chorus of “oh Mum, you’re sooo embarrassing!”). Often we don’t realise that we’ve maxed out the sound until we try to crank it even higher still. But upping the volume comes at a cost. Researchers warn that exposure to volumes higher than 85 decibels is unsafe, yet many digital devices produce sound levels far higher than that. Take the common MP3 player for example; many... Continue Reading →


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