• by Ester Hilmarsdottir
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ONANOFF are excited to announce that StoryPhones by ONANOFF has been chosen by TIME as one of the Best Inventions of 2022.

Every year, TIME recognizes products, software and services that solve compelling problems in creative ways. They look for inventions across all categories including technology, beauty, health care, home, entertainment and more, that make the world better and smarter. This prestigious selection, curated by the editors of TIME, has generated more than 650 million global media impressions. To have made it onto TIME's venerable list of the 2022 Best Inventions is a great honor and a tremendous acknowledgement.
See the full list here:

For those of you still not familiar with StoryPhones, it's an independent device offering screen-free entertainment that doesn’t need to connect to any device for playback. Through clever integration of technology and innovation, StoryPhones is the first smart, wireless headset for children that can acquire, store and play content by simply attaching a magnetic StoryShield to the ear cup.

The StoryPhones library is full of carefully curated content, suitable for children aged 3 and up, that entertains and educates with audio stories, music and more, catering to different tastes. This allows parents to relax and know they don’t have to constantly monitor what their children are listening to. StoryPhones is easy to operate by anyone, and doubles as a standard wireless headset. StoryPhones also offers you the option of recording your own stories, in your own voice, through the companion mobile app, by creating a customized StoryShield called PlayShield. In this way, users can record family stories and share the ones that shaped their childhood with their own children and with generations to come, a wonderful way for family and friends to connect and strengthen their bond.

Our goal is to encourage children’s creative imagination with less screentime and more audio. Taking children away from the screens of smart devices can help them sleep better and to focus better at school too. We want to boost kids’ creativity and create the space and freedom for them to build their own worlds from the stories they hear. StoryPhones is all about bringing families together and bridging the gap between generations through the simple act of storytelling.

We are truly honoured by the acknowledgment offered in receiving this award. This recognition reinforces our belief that ONANOFF is taking the right steps to provide innovative safe audio products to families that seek superior quality in headphone options for children. As children's needs, technology, and the world around us continues to change, ONANOFF continues to create the safest, toughest sound solutions to protect children’s hearing and meet their listening demands. Being selected as one of TIME's 2022 Best Inventions only serves to reaffirm our mission to go above and beyond to make quality headphones that protect the hearing and wellbeing of our youngsters.


Founded in 2014 in Iceland, with offices in New York, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, ONANOFF is an audio company that creates award-winning, functional, stylish and ergonomic products with a social purpose that meet a wide range of listening needs. Having helped initiate and advance the kids audio category, the company is best known for creating the BuddyPhones brand, the world’s leading kids’ headphones with the promise to always be kid-safe, kid-proof, and kid-friendly. 

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