Aptly named onanoff referencing the fundamental basic action of all electronics, the on and off button, the company represents what is basic and necessary for all users through the creation of easy-to-use essential gadget accessories.

The Team

onanoff represents what is basic and necessary for all users – through the creation of essential, easy-to-use electronic accessories. Strategically based with headquarters in Hong Kong, close to its manufacturing base in China, and design offices in Hong Kong and Iceland – onanoff is a melting pot of cultures, experience and creativity.

Innovation | With a passion for technology, problem solving and design, onanoff brings value to electronics through relentless pursuit of innovation.

Design | Electronics are an integral part of your household and life, the days of accepting them as a visual disruptor in your life are over.

Simplicity | onanoff design focuses on the core value of each product without adding complexity, keeping it functional and simple.

Petur Olafsson

onanoff was set up in 2010 to fulfill Icelander Petur Olafsson’s lifelong ambition to design and produce functional, stylish and ergonomic technology products for everyday use. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of his creative team, ensures that onanoff’s focus lies on stylish design, practicality and affordability. A permanent resident in Hong Kong, Petur draws inspiration for the brand’s design from his Nordic heritage and the vibrant Hong Kong lifestyle.

Bjarki V Gardarsson

onanoff represents what is basic and necessary for all users – through theRaised on the edge of the world in northern Iceland, Bjarki has traveled, studied and worked in various countries and continents around the globe. Hong Kong has served as a home base for the father of two energetic toddlers and his family, since 2005. In that time Bjarki has worked on several projects, building the Asia-Pacific operations for a global manufacturing group, as well as participating as an investor and advisor to various international startup projects. Sharing Petur’s ambition to build a functionality driven electronic accessories brand, Bjarki founded onanoff with Petur in 2010. He joined the team in full capacity in 2015, focusing on general management and business development.

Yvonne Lo

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Yvonne has studied and worked in USA where she gained a strong background in the Hospitality Business with a focus on marketing and brand management. Currently residing in Hong Kong with her family, she joined onanoff where she utilizes her expertise to strengthen and expand the brand. As a busy, working mom, Yvonne breeds new ideas and develops products for onanoff that suit an active and urban, family lifestyle.