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Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Hong Kong, ONANOFF is a renowned audio company dedicated to creating award-winning, functional, and stylish products with a focus on user well-being. Best known for the BuddyPhones brand, recognized globally as the premier choice for children's headphones.

ONANOFF has received numerous accolades for their products, including five CES innovation awards and the prestigious 2021 and 2023 EU Product Safety Award for Protecting the Safety of Vulnerable Consumer Groups, as well as TIME Best Invention 2022.

Pétur H. Ólafsson

Design - Innovation - Build

Pétur Ólafsson founded ONANOFF in 2014 to fulfill his personal ambition to design and produce functional, stylish and ergonomic products with a social purpose.

Born and raised in Iceland and now with a resident in Hong Kong, Pétur draws inspiration for the brand from his Nordic heritage and the vibrant, urban lifestyle of Hong Kong.

Bjarki V. Garðarsson

Operation - Finance

Sharing Petur’s ambition, Bjarki founded onanoff with Petur in 2014. He joined the team in full capacity in 2015, focusing on general management and business development.

Akureyri, town in nothern Iceland, has served as a home base for the father of two and his family, since 2005.


With a commitment to safety and innovation, ONANOFF pioneers the kids audio category, offering a range of headphones equipped with features like volume limiting and noise-cancelling capabilities to ensure a secure yet engaging audio experience. Through their dedication to promoting responsible listening habits and safeguarding against potential hearing damage in children, ONANOFF sets a benchmark for audio devices prioritizing user health and safety, particularly focusing on children.

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