The ONANOFF Experience at CES 2023

The ONANOFF Experience at CES 2023

  • by Ken Wong
  • 3 min reading time

The curtain has closed on yet another CES, but not before we could give attendees a peek at the bright future of our latest products under our umbrella brand ONANOFF, our sub brands BuddyPhones, StudyPhones and of course our latest StoryPhones. CES is the most influential tech event in the world. It's where the world’s biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. We are thrilled that this gigantic tech event has returned, larger than ever, after a muted presence over the last two years. And having returned from this year’s CES we can happily confirm that this year’s show marks the return of full in-person CES on the convention centre floor in Las Vegas for the first time since 2020, featuring a ton of cool tech products.

It's an honour for us to be selected from thousands of products as not just exhibitors, but innovators in our industry. Having a presence at CES gives us context, and inspiration, for what we do in the audio technology and sets us apart as pioneers of safe listening products. It felt extremely good to be on the floor again, meeting up with friends and colleagues from around the world. Our SafeAudio products are sold all around the globe. However, we don’t often get to meet our partners in person. With a massive trade show like CES that brings in over 115,000 visitors, we get the opportunity to connect with our global partners, like distributors, retailers, influencers and more. CES is also a great way for team bonding, spending five days together in the sheer chaos that is setting up a booth at a massive trade show like CES, will only strengthen that bond. Assembled from all over the world, our ONANOFF team made a great impact on CES this year by meeting new clients, introducing new products, and even being on camera when media came to visit.

We were so excited to show you what we have been up to and to introduce our latest StoryPhones to everyone. We are incredibly thankful for the positive feedback we received on this product, and all the excitement it stirred up. StoryPhones is an independent device offering screen-free entertainment that doesn't need to connect to any device for playback. StoryPhones are all about bringing families together and bridging the gap between generations through the simple act of storytelling. Encouraging children’s creativity with less screentime and more audio. A personal favourite of our teammates though is to connect with parents, talk face to face about the importance of protecting children’s hearing and to get their instant feedback. Our products are tailor made for children, to enhance their audio-experience while protecting their wellbeing. Getting feedback and having a meaningful conversation with the parents of our little consumers was the cherry on top for us.

We are thankful for beginning a new business year by having a successful CES show, it’s such a positive and rejuvenating start to the year. And most of all, we are truly honoured by each visit we received to our booth at this year’s CES show, be it from media, distributors, friends, colleagues, partners, retailers or parents interested in superior quality headphone options for children. We thank you for your support and interest. It only adds fuel to our passion in creating the safest, toughest sound solutions available to protect the hearing and wellbeing of our littlest listeners

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