All-in-One Ultra Wideband Demo Kit (Available in Sept)

Demo kit features

Devices with reloaded all-in-one firmware stack that provides all possible UWB demos from Nearby Interaction with an iPhone, Angle-of-Arrival location, infrastructure-less proximity between the Tags, real-time Location and data telemetry using Two-Way Ranging, Downlink TDoA and Uplink TDoA.

To be used as a Tag, Anchor and Gateway in a Real-Time Location System using UWB (Ultra-Wideband)

  • Based on Murata 2AB-828 SIP (MCU nRF52840 with Bluetooth, UWB DW3120 IC, LIS2DW accelerometer, crystals and internal power regulators)
  • Ultra-wideband with integrated non-AoA and AoA antennas. Supported UWB channels: 5 (6.5 GHz) and 9 (8 GHz)
  • Bluetooth with integrated antenna
  • With LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) and PA
    (Power Amplifier) to increase the UWB range
  • 2x Green LEDs and 1x RGB LEDs
  • 3x multifunctional buttons
  • Haptic motor
  • Audio buzzer
  • Extra GPIOs for connection with external sensors or lOs
  • 1x USB device connector
  • 1x USB connector with integrated DAPLink debugger and Virtual COM
  • On-board connector for J-Link debugger
  • NFC tag antenna connector
  • Battery: replaceable RCR123A 3.6V (the same as for the MDEK1001)