Sound Cover Perfect Travel Cover for Your iPad Air

Sound Cover Perfect Travel Cover for Your iPad Air

  • by Petur Olafsson
  • 1 min reading time

onanoff, the experts in functional smart gadgets have brought to life everything you imagined you could have for your iPad. Introducing the onanoff Sound Cover, the only iPad Cover you’ll ever need. Designed with the need for freedom in mind, Sound Cover 2.0 is a smart cover that features built-in flat stereo speakers, offering powerful and high quality audio, and can increase your iPad’s volume by up to 400%. With a battery life that lasts 15 hours and a sophisticated built-in microphone, it is ideal for Facetime, conference calls and straight up conversation. This intelligently design iPad cover maximizes the use of your iPad for those on the go!




Sound Cover is a unique iPad Air smart cover with built-in flat stereo speakers that offers powerful and high quality sound and can boost the iPad's volume by up to 400%.

Its ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it perfect for any tablet user. It protects the iPad on your travels, making it a truly rocking companion. Once opened it syncs automatically with your iPad and you’re ready to experience impressive sound with your favorite device. Currently, it is available for the iPad Air while more tablets will be included to the development in the future.



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