Keep the noise down!

Keep the noise down!

  • by Ester Hilmarsdottir
  • 2 min reading time

As adults, we have a tendency to amp up the volume when listening to music in a busy space – whether it’s to drown out the constant sound of renovations from the neighbours upstairs, the thunderous vibrations of the subway, or simply just getting into the groove when listening to your favourite song (cue the chorus of “oh Mum, you’re sooo embarrassing!”). Often we don’t realise that we’ve maxed out the sound until we try to crank it even higher still. But upping the volume comes at a cost.

Researchers warn that exposure to volumes higher than 85 decibels is unsafe, yet many digital devices produce sound levels far higher than that. Take the common MP3 player for example; many popular models produce volumes of up to 105 decibels, which can lead to a higher risk of hearing loss after just a couple of minutes’ exposure. So if exposure to loud sounds in such close proximity to our eardrums isn’t good for us grown-ups, what about the developing aural systems of our kids?

Just as construction workers protect their ears with earplugs or earmuffs, onanoff created BuddyPhones for little music-lovers. These volume-limiting headphones keep noise levels down to World Health Organisation recommended standards and look cool to boot.

While most headphones on the market allow you to crank up the volume as high as your phone, MP3 player or tablet device will allow, the BuddyPhone’s unique circuitry prevents the sound from increasing beyond a maximum 85 decibels. This gives you peace of mind that no harm will come to your child’s sensitive eardrums without having to wrestle their headphones away in order to monitor the volume yourself.

And safety features aside, BuddyPhones are as cute and as comfortable as they are practical. They come in six different crowd-pleasing colours, complete with stickers to customise, and, as with any headphones, are plushly padded with synthetic leather cushions and extendable sides that are designed to fit the arch of your child’s head comfortably, meaning no complaining throughout their favourite film. If you have more than one child at home and they have trouble sharing, (and let’s face it, they often do!) then the ingenious BuddyCable audio splitter allows up to four kids to share one device squabble-free. As it’s built-in you’ll never have to worry about losing it – a huge bonus when travelling!

So if you’re looking to give your kids the freedom to develop their own musical taste without fear of ringing ears, snap up a pair of BuddyPhones and let the music play.


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