Sound Cover - Solution for business travellers

Sound Cover - Solution for business travellers

  • by Ester Hilmarsdottir
  • 2 min reading time

Every business traveler will have a trick or two up his or her sleeve for surviving life on the road. From scoring upgrades to packing a mini sized deodorant, anything that can make the hardships of jet setting around the world a bit more tolerable, can be a true bliss. As every seasoned business traveler knows, one of the essential tricks of traveling for business is packing light. Along with developing a solid packing strategy - traveling with light, small devices and gadgets that are easy to carry and operate is essential.


Sound Cover is dedicated to making life on the road easier, and is a great solution for business travelers looking to enhance their presentations. Sound Cover is an ultra-thin and lightweight smart cover for iPad, featuring built-in flat panel stereo speakers that offer powerful, high quality sound, allowing you to turn your tablet into a mini sound system. The built-in iPad speakers usually face away from the user, diminishing the sound, whereas Sound Cover is positioned so it emits sound directly at the user for richer audio experience. When playing presentations or music, the difference in decibels between Sound Cover and the built-in speakers can be as much as 400%, while maintaining audio fidelity - which works great for those marketing conferences, training courses, business presentations and product launches. Sound Cover’s ultra-thin and lightweight design makes it easy to travel with and operate; simply clip it on to the back of your iPad, once you prop up the cover it will automatically sync with your iPad and you’re ready to go. Once your presentation is done, simply close and slip into your briefcase – it doesn’t get much easier.


When it comes to traveling for business, preparedness and planning are you best weapons. Much like a Boy Scout, a business traveler has to be ready for anything, anytime and that’s why we designed Sound Cover. Its technology offers a powerful sound that will make an impressing presentation, while its compact and light design will fit snugly in your carry-on. All you need to worry about is slipping it in your kitbag, along with other critical elements for a business presentation (iPad and a change of socks and undies!) so if you have to head straight to a presentation from the airport, you’ll have everything you need.


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