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IFA 2022 Highlights @ Berlin

  • by Ester Hilmarsdottir
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Highlights from IFA 2022 at Berlin


Another IFA has come and gone, but this one was particularly joyful for us as it's the first time we had a chance to set up booth and meet with friends and colleagues from the tech industry since 2019. For those who don't know IFA in Berlin is the main meeting place for key retailers, buyers, and experts from the tech industry and the media. Every year IFA offers a comprehensive overview of the international market and attracts the attention of international trade visitors each year from more than 130 countries. We were excited to be finally able to take part once again in Berlin and present our latest products under our umbrella brand ONANOFF, our sub brands BuddyPhones, StudyPhones and of course StoryPhones.


The highlights of attending IFA this year were quite a few.

Taking part in the Showstopper event was loads of fun, it's one of the world's most influential technology showcase for media giving a global audience of journalists access to major brands and start-ups. We were quite chuffed receiving the Omdia Innovation Award at IFA for the showstopper this year with our latest addition, StoryPhones. But the Omdia Innovation Award is given to a unique product that demonstrates creativity and vision through its design, ability to solve a problem, longevity, and potential market opportunity.

Much to our delight we also received the Übergizmo Best of IFA 2022 award for StoryPhones. But Übergizmo offers coverage on electronics in a way that everyone can relate to. Launched in Silicon Valley in 2005, they are distributed in 6 languages and read in over 200 countries. They take everything into consideration from design to user interface to practicality, pricing, and competition.

IFA Showstoppers OMDIA 2022 Award for StoryPhonesUberGizmo Best of IFA 2022 Award for StoryPhones


Yet another highlight for us was to be featured on the radio show "Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” – a radio show covering the latest in consumer electronics & technology available today. The show airs on nearly 200 AM & FM radio stations around the U.S., radio stations in Canada and several other sources including Mobile Broadcast Network, TuneIn, Stitcher, Sprint Radio, Zeno Radio, TiVo, and many others – every weekend. There our Global Sales Director Filippo Schiavon spoke with Dave Graveline about our newest addition, StoryPhones.


ONANOFF Interview - Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

For those interested you can check out the feature here:


But most of all it was great to be on the floor again, meeting up with friends and colleagues from around the world. We were so excited to show you what we have been up to and to introduce our latest StoryPhones to everyone. We are so incredibly thankful for the positive feedback we received on this product, and all the excitement it stirred up.


If you are still unfamiliar with StoryPhones, it's an independent device offering screen-free entertainment that doesn‘t need to connect to any device for playback. Through clever integration of technology and innovation, StoryPhones are the first smart, wireless headphones for children combining a high-performance audio listening experience with an internet connected content player. StoryPhones work as an independent device with the ability to acquire, store and play content by simply attaching a magnetic StoryShield to the headphones. The StoryPhones library is full of carefully curated content, suitable for children aged 3 and up, that entertains and educates with audio stories, music and more, catering to different tastes. This allows parents to relax and know they don‘t have to constantly monitor what their children are listening to. StoryPhones can easily be operated by anyone, and work as a standard wireless headphone.

Girls with Disney StoryPhonesONANOFF Team at IFA 2022

StoryPhones also offer the option of recording your own stories, in your own voice, through the companion parent mobile app, creating your own customized StoryShield called PlayShield. This way users can record family stories, and share the ones that shaped them, with generations to come. StoryPhones have created a wonderful way for family and friends to stay connected.

Taking children away from the screens of smart devices can help them sleep better and to focus better at school too. We want to encourage kids‘ creativity and create the space and freedom for them to build their own worlds from the stories they hear. StoryPhones are all about bringing families together, and bridging the gap between generations through the simple act of storytelling. Encouraging children’s creativity with less screentime and more audio.

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