Looking Back at CES 2024

Looking Back at CES 2024

  • by Ester Hilmarsdottir
  • 2 min reading time

As another memorable CES has come to an end, we are excited to reflect on the vibrant showcase after giving attendees a peek at the bright future of our latest products within the ONANOFF family, featuring our sub-brands BuddyPhones, StudyPhones, the innovative StoryPhones and of course our latest Fokus+. CES stands out as the premier tech event globally, where industry giants engage in business, forge new partnerships, and visionary innovators take center stage presenting a plethora of cutting-edge tech products.

CES serves as a valuable source of context and inspiration, positioning us as pioneers in the realm of safe listening products. The joy of being back on the exhibition floor, reconnecting with friends and colleagues from across the globe, is immeasurable. While our SafeAudio products are distributed worldwide, the scale of CES allows us to personally connect with our global partners, including distributors, retailers, influencers, and more. The five days spent navigating the organized chaos of setting up a booth at such a colossal trade show is an excellent platform for team bonding, and this year, our international ONANOFF team left a lasting impact. 

This CES was truly impactful for ONANOFF, marked by meetings with new clients, product introductions, and engaging with the media. A highlight was unveiling our latest innovation, Fokus+, a state-of-the-art wireless headset designed to revolutionize the audio experience. This exceptional device sets a new benchmark for wireless headphone technology, featuring multi-microphone hybrid ANC, exceptional audio quality, and a game-changing wireless charging stand. Fokus+ is engineered to be the perfect companion for a variety of settings, including classrooms, home learning, and remote work environments. With its remarkable features and versatility, this extraordinary headset ensures uninterrupted power, guaranteeing users never run out of battery during critical moments. 

But of course, StoryPhones were also a big hit. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback, on our storytelling headphones for kids, designed to bring families together through the timeless art of storytelling. Encouraging children's creativity by reducing screen time and promoting audio experiences resonated positively with our audience. Connecting with parents face-to-face, discussing the significance of safeguarding children's hearing, and receiving instant feedback were cherished moments for our team. The positive response and enthusiasm we received fuel our commitment to creating the safest and most durable sound solutions, dedicated to preserving the hearing and well-being of our youngest listeners.

As we embark on a new business year, the success and positive energy derived from CES set an invigorating tone for the future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who visited our booth – media, distributors, friends, colleagues, partners, retailers, and parents seeking superior quality headphone options for children. Your support and interest only intensify our dedication to providing top-notch solutions for the well-being of our little listeners as well as versatile workplace headphones for adults. Here's to a promising and inspired journey ahead!


The ONANOFF team.

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