Moomin are here!

Moomin are here!

  • by Ester Hilmarsdottir
  • 4 min reading time

Good natured and enthusiastic, the endearing Moomin family is nothing if not fun loving and adventurous. The creation of Swedish speaking Finnish illustrator and writer, Tove Jansson, the Moomins popped on to the scene in 1945 in a book published in Swedish by Söderström & Co. The Moomins have also appeared in comic strips since 1954 and television series from 1969. Tove’s Moomin books have been translated into about fifty languages, and have been thoroughly enjoyed by kids and adults alike throughout the years. Furthermore, the lovable family has been portrayed in various plays, theme parks and productions around the world. Today you’ll even find delightful Moomin shops and cafés around the globe.

The Moomins are easily recognizable from their gentle, round appearance and large snouts that make them resemble a hippopotamus. They live in a big, blue house in Moominvalley. Moominvalley is a peaceful place where the Moomins live in harmony with nature and get into all sorts of mischief and adventure. A path leads from the Moominhouse to the seashore. The Moomins love the sea and enjoy the beach. Sometimes, they set out on adventurous journeys that take them far from Moominvalley, but they know they always have a safe home to return to. Just like bears, come fall the Moomins prepare to hibernate. By the time Moominvalley is covered in snow, the Moomins will be in a deep sleep.

Having roots in Nordic culture means growing up with the loveable Moomin family, their adventures and values. Being of Nordic heritage, and long-time Moomin fans, onanoff is thrilled to be working with Moomin and making the very first, special Moomin edition of our popular BuddyPhones Explore, featuring colourful characters such as Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Little My, Snufkin and Stinky, and their adventures in Moominvalley. Get to know the characters below, it might help you choose which Moomin BuddyPhones are best suited for you or your loved ones!



Naturally curious, Moomintroll is sensitive and good-natured. He’s a dreamer and a thinker who is always looking for ways to make his friends and family happy. Moomintroll is interested in and excited about everything he sees and finds, and he loves to explore the world.


Easily recognized by her fiery hair and red dress, Little My is courageous, bold and always happy to join the Moomins on their adventures. She enjoys the occasional calamities and loves to know secrets. Little My gets easily annoyed with small things, making her seem irritable at times. However, she really is a friendly little one and never does mean things on purpose.


Moominpappa is enjoys philosophical thinking and pondering on various things. He is always happy to give his expert advice to those in need. Moominmamma is a peaceful and loving mother who is always willing to support and comfort loved ones. She is quite cunning and always has a solution to all problems, and her positive outlook on life is quite catching.


A deep-thinking traveler who loves fishing, Snufkin is easygoing and carefree. He comes and goes as he wishes and enjoys each journey to the fullest. Snufkin is easily recognizable by his green, wide brimmed hat and worn old coat. He carries all his belongings in a backpack, and like a true minimalist he believes that keeping only few things around makes life a lot simpler.



Stinky is a self-centered and mischievous little creature that likes to cause a lot of trouble, but thankfully he almost always gets busted. He is a prankster who thoroughly enjoys playing practical jokes, fooling people, eavesdropping and stealing. Yep, he’s bad to the bone but you have to admit he’s quite adorable.


Our Moomin BuddyPhones are a safe sound solution for kids, adorned with bright and cheerful Moomin designs. Our Moomin edition features a built-in, volume-limiting circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85 decibels, which is the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for kids. Introducing flat cable design for less entanglement and lower chocking risk, this limited edition comes with a detachable BuddyCable system that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing. The headphones are exceptionally durable and bendy and can be fully adjusted to different sizes. A built in microphone makes them ideal to use to use for calling other buddies and is ideal for little scholars to use during study time. This edition is foldable for easy travel and comes in an inclusive Moomin travel bag. onanoff gives you the best of both worlds by combining safe, quality listening with delightful Moomin designs. This special, limited edition will surely delight children, parents and Moomin fans around the world. Get a pair with your favorite characters while stock lasts!




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