2023 EU Product Safety Award Win

2023 EU Product Safety Award Win

  • by Ken Wong
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ONANOFF Triumphs at 2023 EU Product Safety Awards with Silver Honor for Innovative StoryPhones

Unlocking a Screen-Free World of Imagination and Safety

In a celebration of innovation and commitment to consumer safety, ONANOFF emerged as a shining star at the 2023 EU Product Safety Awards, clinching the prestigious Silver Award in the category of Protecting the Safety of Vulnerable Consumer Groups. The award recognizes businesses that go above and beyond legal requirements, setting a higher standard for product safety.

StoryPhones: Where Imagination Takes Center Stage

ONANOFF's acclaimed initiative, StoryPhones, stood out for offering a healthier alternative to screen-based entertainment. This independent device doesn't require any external connections, providing a screen-free haven for children's creativity. With the ability to store and play audio content at any time, StoryPhones encourages a return to the timeless art of storytelling. 

Reimagining Entertainment, Reducing Screen Time

As our digital world continues to evolve, so do the challenges of raising children in a screen-dominated environment. StoryPhones by ONANOFF addresses this concern by promoting a balanced approach to entertainment. It's not just a device; it's a commitment to fostering creativity and reducing screen time, all while ensuring a safer and healthier alternative.

EU Product Safety Awards: A Recognition of Excellence

Organized by the European Commission every two years, the EU Product Safety Awards spotlight companies and research projects that prioritize consumer safety. In its third edition, the awards extended their recognition to researchers working on consumer product safety. ONANOFF's Silver Award in the Protecting the Safety of Vulnerable Consumer Groups category reaffirms the company's commitment to product safety and innovation. 

Innovation, Impact, and Inspiration: ONANOFF®'s Winning Formula

The EU Product Safety Awards evaluated participants based on key criteria: innovation, impact, inspiration potential, and company product safety processes. ONANOFF excelled in all these areas, with StoryPhones standing out as a beacon of creativity and responsibility.

A Mission to Protect Hearing in a Changing World 

Beyond the accolades, ONANOFF remains dedicated to its mission of creating the safest, toughest sound solutions to protect children's hearing. In a world where technology and children's needs are in constant flux, ONANOFF strives to be at the forefront, ensuring that quality headphones prioritize the well-being of young listeners.

Championing Safer Listening Habits

The Silver Award from the EU Product Safety Awards is not just a recognition; it's a reaffirmation of ONANOFF's commitment to championing safer listening habits. From raising awareness about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss to developing innovative solutions like StoryPhones, ONANOFF is at the forefront of creating a safer and more responsible consumer product landscape. 

Conclusion: A Safer Tomorrow with ONANOFF

As ONANOFF basks in the glory of the 2023 EU Product Safety Awards, the journey doesn't end here. The Silver Award serves as a testament to the company's dedication to innovation, impact, and social responsibility. With StoryPhones leading the way, ONANOFF® paves the path for a safer, screen-free world where imagination takes center stage, and children's safety is the top priority.

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