'Sound Cover adds new dimension to my favorite iPad, gives me instant tool to practise pretty much anywhere!'

Helga Sigurdardottir, dancer Reykjavik | Iceland

Helga is an up and coming professional dancer in Reykjavik, Iceland. She performs and practices all over Reykjavik every day. Her iPad gives access to her emails, social media  and browsing but Sound Cover adds a new dimension to the device she loves as she can play music and set up instant practise session or performance anywhere she goes. 

Why Sound Cover?

The Sound Cover gives me the freedom to do my art where ever I want. I always have my iPad with me anyway, as I store all my emails, video's etc. on it, it is light, portable and fits into my bag. Gone are the old days where my laptop was 5kg thingy in my bag, I just have my iPad with me and of course the Sound Cover. I can pretty much set myself up anywhere to practise, it does not need to be stage or anything, or with big and bulky sound systems to get myself into the mood, I just pop up my iPad with the Sound Cover and I am ready to 'go'. I like to simplify things and focus on what I do best, that is to dance!