• by Ester Hilmarsdottir
  • 2 min reading time

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that BuddyPhones have won the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards! BuddyPhones Explore, BuddyPhones Explore Foldable, as well as BuddyPhones InFlight have each been presented with the 2017 Tillywig Awards in the Parents’ Favorite Products category.

Tillywig's mission is to provide retail buyers, news media, parents, and consumers with product information and reviews of superior children's products available in today's marketplace. The Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products Awards honor only the very best parenting and children’s products out there, that enhance the quality of every day life, and we are truly honored to have received such fantastic acknowledgment.

BuddyPhones are all about sharing and safety. With the increased use of electronics loud noises have become part of everyday life, affecting our children and their developing hearing. In order to protect little ears, onanoff designed BuddyPhones to be the toughest, safest sound solution available for kids. They give parents a peace of mind and provide a safe sound solution with volume-limiting circuitry that keeps noise levels down to WHOs standards. Sharing is one of our key features; BuddyPhones allow you to piggyback up to four audio cables so friends and siblings can share one device! All our headphones are truly tailored for kids, made from durable, robust materials that withstand long days of playing, traveling and studying.

Traveling with kids is seldom hassle free and served as a motivation to create BuddyPhones InFlight, headphones that withstand being crammed into backpacks in chaotic situations, and offer a 3-volume setting of 75db, 85db and 94db to tackle noisy situation such as traveling by airplane, allowing parents to control the volume depending on the child’s age and environment. BuddyPhones Explore feature a detachable BuddyCable with a built-in microphone that’s ideal for use when phoning family and friends or working with interactive learning apps, and it’s perfect for little scholars to use for study time.

We designed BuddyPhones to be used by kids of all ages, anytime, anywhere. All our headphones are approved by parents, and loved by kids. Having three of our products selected as a winner in the Parent’s Favorite Product Category of the Tillywig Toy & Media Awards, amidst a great number of submitted designs, is truly an honor and a wonderful recognition.

We would like to take the opportunity and thank our partners and customers, and last but not least parents and kids around the world, who love and use BuddyPhones every day. Thank you all for helping us reach this wonderful success, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without your support.

Thank you!

- onanoff


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